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About Us

Dairy Farm Near Croyde

Visit our dairy farm near Croyde to enjoy our fresh milk. We stock creamy pasteurised milk in our state-of-the-art milk vending machine, from our own organic Georgeham herd. Like old-fashioned milk, our milk is pasteurised but non-homogenised, meaning the cream separates from the milk. As a result, you may want to shake before use, or scoop out the cream and enjoy on cereal! Being organic means our milk has a higher level of nutrients (for example Omega 3 fatty acids) than any other farming system! This Omega 3 fat has been linked to a reduced risk of strokes, heart attacks and type 2 diabetes.


Visit today to add a fun and novel twist to your grocery shop. Our vending machine dispenses our milk into our reusable 1 litre glass bottles (or your own bottle!) which you can purchase from the machine, for you to take home and enjoy. The machine cleans itself after serving every customer to maintain the best hygiene standards and keeps our milk chilled for a fresh taste and long shelf life. We also sell local organic eggs and a variety of seasonal produce as we believe buying local and knowing where your food comes from is important.

Our cows are milked through a robotic milker which means our cows can be milked whenever they like, this also means they can choose to go out and graze the organic pasture overlooking Croyde bay and Woolacombe whenever they like too! Organic farming means our cows have to be out grazing for more than 200 days a year (we graze a lot more than this!) and have a 60% grass-based diet.

We are dedicated to ensuring our cows have the highest standard of welfare and we believe that our relaxed approach not only results in happy cows but smooth and great-tasting milk! There is also no routine usage of antibiotics, instead relying on homeopathic remedies.

Our Cows

North Hole Farm

Our organic farm is just outside Georgeham, near Croyde, on the beautiful North Devon coastline. We are mainly a dairy farm, but we also have some beef and sheep animals – follow our Facebook page for information on our seasonal produce.


Get in touch today to make any further enquiries about our produce.

The family have been farming at North Hole Farm for over 100 years. The team works together to ensure high welfare for the cows and to ensure everything runs smoothly resulting in high quality, great tasting milk. We will quite often be passing in the farmyard so if you have any questions please do feel free to ask!

The Team

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