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Organic Milk Croyde

For organic milk near Croyde, look no further than Milk’s Up. We have a milking herd of 75 cows which are completely free range. Please enjoy our farm fresh organic milk which is available from our milk vending machine at North Hole Farm.

We have been farming here for over 100 years.

Get in touch with us today for more information on our organic dairy products.

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Milk Vending Machine

Here at Milk’s Up, we stock creamy pasteurised milk in our milk vending machine, sourced from our local, grass-fed cows. Like old-fashioned milk, our milk is non-homogenised whole milk, meaning the cream separates from the milk. As a result, you may need to shake before use, or scoop out the cream and enjoy with a sprinkle of sugar! Visit today to add a fun and novel twist to your weekly grocery shop. Whether you are based in Georgeham or a surrounding area of North Devon, including Braunton, Ilfracombe or Croyde, come to use for fresh and organic milk.

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As a family business, we have chosen to pursue an ethical approach to dairy farming, as we believe it is important to treat livestock, the environment and employees with kindness and respect. All our cows on our organic farm are free-range, and our technology ensures cows are only milked when they wish to be. This results in nutritious milk and good animal welfare. We also take pride in being plastic-free and encourage our customers to reuse their bottles.

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Contact us today for further information on our organic milk near Croyde or pay a visit to our milk vending machine. Whether you need milk for your porridge or stirred into your cuppa, you will definitely taste the difference!